When you can buy more diamonds for your money, it becomes very easy to make the special other in your life
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At Belford Antwerp,
we promise to provide you only with the very best lab grown diamonds in the world. Belford Antwerp is a vertically integrated company, meaning that our diamonds are grown, polished, certified, and provided to you in a very streamline process, so that we can provide you with a premium service which guarantees pipeline integrity.

Our vertically integrated chamber-to-certification process allows us to provide you with Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) diamonds with an unmatched responsiveness as well as an unparalleled customisation program.

With our exposure since 1998 to the luxury supply industry, we know what our customers demand.

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Lab grown diamonds are made of the same chemical element as a natural diamond: Carbon. Our diamonds are grown using the Chemical Vapor Deposition method, the same that is used to create thin films ranging in size from fractions of a nanometre up to several micrometres (µm) in thickness. For comparison, a human hair measure between 20 to 200 µm. On micrometre is 1 000 nanometres.

As soon as the perfect starting seed has been selected to grown our diamonds, it is placed in a chamber that has the perfect conditions for carbon atoms introduced into the chamber. This is a process that can take many weeks!

Once the diamond has been grown, it is removed from the chamber and is polished using the exact same process as a natural diamond:

  • Planning
  • Sawing
  • Bruting
  • Shaping
  • Certification

All of our diamonds are planned using the latest technologies, which allows us to provide you with the best diamonds, with the best lustre.

Once they are planned, they move on the sawing process, which splits the diamond into two or more pieces in a such a way that any impurities are also removed.

Bruting the diamond removes the majority of the unneccesary rough, leaving it close to its recognizable form used in jewellery.

The final step involved adding the remaining facets by removing whatever is not required.

After this, the diamond is sent to an external facility which ensures that they are graded fairly, as this is what eventually determines the value of the diamonds.

At Belford Antwerp, we are the largest diamond producers of large diamonds that provide you with a fully vertically integrated process from Chamber to Certification, making sure that you get the most value for your valuables.


When you can buy more diamonds for your money, it becomes very easy to make the special other in your life
very happy


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